Somewhere in the past 40 years, furniture repair and restoration got a bad name. Repair and restoration became confused with shoddy efforts to fix and re-do, and in some cases, even to change the original appearance. Brad Charles, our owner, is emphatic, “That’s simply not restoration and repair!”

According to Brad, “Unfortunately, even the Antiques Roadshow misled people to believe that doing nothing to a dilapidated antique was preferable to proper restoration. This just isn’t true, as the producers of the show recently stated in an apologetic article to those in the refinishing business. After all, what is the value of a piece that is damaged beyond use or display?”

Since 1977, the Woodstripper has taken furniture restoration and repair beyond work to a fine art. Here, professional restoration and repair are a minimalist effort. “We fix only what is broken and we do it to bring it back to its natural beauty, design and functionality,” Brad says.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, professional restoration and repair increases the value of your heirloom item;  an antique that truly needs restoration or repair has lost value because of its defects. Whether your piece is a sought-after collectible or a cherished family treasure, we treat each and every item with the utmost care and craftsmanship. It’s that personal touch that’s kept us in business for nearly four decades, and helped us cultivate a loyal following from Oregon to Alabama.

Thank you for visiting The Woodstripper of Liberty, and watch this space for more of our history and our master craftsmen, coming soon!